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Ed Farren | 01/25/15

Some temporary relief is possible if you can clear your sinuses with steam pointed at the face.

Gayle Pinkston | 01/23/15

You can check with the dental board to see if your dentist is qualified to do certain procedures.

Anderson Family | 01/21/15

Ironically, more and more Americans are living without insurance these days.

Dolores Alexander | 01/19/15

Meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, cakes, nuts, pears and ECT can cause bad breath.

Amee Snow | 01/17/15

Clove oil has been proven to ease toothache pain. Trying eating fresh fruits instead of cookies, candy or cake when you crave something sweet.

Colleen Rice | 01/15/15

Be sure to use toothpaste made for dentures or you could scratch them with regular toothpaste.

Ann Parill | 01/14/15

Your cosmetic dentist will not proceed with work until you are completely comfortable and relaxed. Most dentists these days are using tooth colored fillings instead of putting metal in your mouth.

Debra Sutton | 01/13/15

Implants have little effect on the remaining teeth.

Dawn Tresemer | 01/13/15

If you were told you have periodontal gum disease, you're not alone.

Cheri Pittman | 01/11/15

You should be evaluated for the potential presence of a temporomandibular joint disorder.

Colleen Mcclafferty | 01/09/15

In order to reduce swelling and relieve pain, apply a cold compress on the cheek or mouth near the broken teeth.

Artie Paul | 01/09/15

The first molars in the back of the mouth will usually come in around one year to 18 months of age.

Eleanor Snyder | 01/09/15

Numbing effects of four of the most common dental anesthetics, including lidocaine, have been reduced in clinical trials with reversal agents that got patients back to normal in about sixty minutes, reducing recovery time fifty percent.

Georganne Bowman | 01/07/15

If you have several missing teeth, it could affect your speech.

Carolyn Livingston | 01/05/15

A dental implant is a surgical opening made by your dentist and is placed in the jaw. One way to keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness routine is to think of exercise as a hygienic act like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

Carolyn Hilton | 01/05/15

Two great fruits to help you naturally whiten your teeth are pears and apples.

Brett Stanton | 01/04/15

Dental veneers can even be used to remove the gray or yellow tinge that has settled on the surfaces of the teeth.

Heather Steele | 01/03/15

Sometimes sour food or drink can cause your tooth to ache. Invisible braces can be worn by both teens and adults.

Diane Sylling | 01/01/15

Larger implants have a larger contact area to the bone and thus a better prognosis in the long term.

Allison Winston | 12/30/14

Clear aligners can give you the beautiful straight teeth you've always dreamed.

Eric Frey | 12/29/14

These infections can cause pain to the child and require immediate treatment.

Candy Pitkin | 12/28/14

These dental hygiene methods will enhance the chances of you to not develop Gingivitis. If you cannot brush, wash and rinse your mouth with water which will help you clean your teeth.

Gary Granath | 12/27/14

Calcium is a beneficial mineral that should be a part of a healthy dental diet.

Ben Floyd | 12/27/14

Veneers can be used to improve a wide range of cosmetic dental problems.

Helen Quilty | 12/27/14

If you have missing teeth, then you can consider implants.

Amy Koogler | 12/27/14

Detecting tooth decay under a veneer can only be done by your dental professional. If you have a toothache, try drinking some broth instead of eating solid foods.

Ada Torres | 12/25/14

Cracked teeth can cause damage to your tooth pulp. Flossing regularly will also help cure chronic bad breath as it will loosen and eliminate any food lodged between your teeth.

Colleen Loss | 12/23/14

You should receive your dental evaluation to decide which treatment is best for you.

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