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Allison Bamberger | 07/24/14

Take care of your teeth as you get older or you may end up with false teeth.

Gary Grantham | 07/24/14

A professional dental office and dental team will be committed to serving their patients by also providing information that helps the patient make more informed decisions about their oral health needs and care.

Ann Derderian | 07/24/14

The patient has a mouth as clean as possible by brushing and flossing several times per day.

Betty Pester | 07/22/14

Frequent brushing is important because during pregnancy there is increased hormonal action and your gums may become swollen and even bleed when you brush.

Gayle Pinkston | 07/22/14

Veneers are translucent covers that go over your teeth.

Erika Papakipos | 07/21/14

Unlike the introduction of dental caps or bridges, which often has a negative effect on adjacent teeth or gums, implants have far better long term benefits.

Barb Youngling | 07/19/14

Check to see if your dental insurance will cover a TMJ surgery.

Dale Coleman | 07/17/14

The better your diet, the healthier your teeth will be.

Dana Braaten | 07/16/14

Prices can vary greatly depending on the specific procedure, and doctor and patient expectations.

Donna Spahr | 07/14/14

You need to take precautions to be sure you don't get gingivitis.

Heather Trusler | 07/13/14

The process can take several hours, depending on the number of implants being performed. Genetic factors make some children more vulnerable to decay at an early age.

David Powell | 07/11/14

Some dentists include the neck, the back and potentially the entire body when describing problems with the tmj.

Dana Cobb | 07/10/14

You may be genetically disposed to cavities more so than others you know. Tooth extractions are a common procedure at your dentist.

Carolyn Szumal | 07/09/14

If you are having problems with keeping your teeth looking white, you might want to consider not using mouthwash.

Dan Blouin | 07/07/14

You will need a dentist to fill the hole in your tooth so the pain can be stopped.

Hiwa Bourne | 07/07/14

Brush your teeth with your children so they see that everyone should brush. Scaling means scraping the tartar above and below the gingiva.

Carl Droege | 07/05/14

If plaque grows beneath your gum line, you will end up with big problems.

Gary Greener | 07/04/14

A natural way to help whiten your teeth is to eat fruits and vegetables that are fibrous in texture. Clove oil has been proven to ease toothache pain.

Brian Marlowe | 07/04/14

Flossing reaches the gaps in the teeth where your toothbrush can not reach.

Brandon Cox | 07/02/14

Your teeth will adjust gently when you wear invisible braces during the day and while you sleep.

Brian Pemberton | 06/30/14

Be sure to check on the price of veneers and whether your insurance will cover them.

Bob Henricks | 06/28/14

Flossing and scaling effectively reach and clean under the gum.

Heidi Shealy | 06/27/14

When the temporomandibular joints stop functioning the way they should, the result is TMJ problems. If you suffer from diabetes, take excellent care of your teeth and dental hygiene.

Bruce Smiley | 06/26/14

Clean your dentures with a toothbrush every morning.

Donna Roberts | 06/26/14

All the advancements in dentistry in the past several years have allowed us to make dentures more like real teeth.

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