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Charles Yuengst | 02/24/15

Scaling means scraping the tartar above and below the gingiva. These dental hygiene methods will enhance the chances of you to not develop Gingivitis.

Donna Pederson | 02/24/15

Once your enamel is gone, it cannot be replaced, so the age old lemon juice option may not really be a good choice for teeth cleaning at home.

Irma Moreno | 02/24/15

Gum disease is not something that only happens to old people. If you do not have cheesecloth, you can use a clean piece of material that absorbs blood and saliva.

Diana Nelson | 02/24/15

You can find plastic tooth picks and plaque removers anywhere toothpaste is sold.

Eric Smeltz | 02/23/15

Gaps in the space between two teeth can be filled with porcelain dental veneers, to give a uniform image.

Emily Purrenhage | 02/23/15

In the United States, straight teeth are very nearly a social requirement. You must have good oral health and have enough healthy bone to support implants.

Brody Ojala | 02/23/15

Implants are very durable and if it is handled properly, they will last several years.

Brittany Boetsch | 02/21/15

An orthodontist is one of the many specialized areas of practice in the medical dental professions.

Cindy Szepe | 02/21/15

Bacteria in plaque and tartar release toxins that irritate the gums and cause destruction of fiber bonded to the teeth, creating pockets between teeth and gums.

Claudine Rad | 02/19/15

If your dentist can cure a root infection, you may be able to avoid a root canal.

Adrienne Brody | 02/18/15

If you are pregnant, be sure to let your dentist know.

Caitlin Taylor | 02/16/15

You can have a local anesthetic during a root canal to control the pain.

Brittany Grear | 02/16/15

Frequent brushing is important because during pregnancy there is increased hormonal action and your gums may become swollen and even bleed when you brush.

Glenn Rossow | 02/16/15

It is always best to consult your dentist at least twice a year, whether you are having problems or not.

Heather Johnson | 02/16/15

When you drink water, you wash food particles away from your teeth, so drink a lot of water. Your cosmetic dentist can use veneers to give your teeth a better shape for your rmouth.

Allison Torres | 02/16/15

Meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, cakes, nuts, pears and ECT can cause bad breath.

Chris Newcomer | 02/15/15

Whether you are concerned about cavities or teeth whitening, try to floss at least twice a day. People with diabetes are especially prone to gum disease and dental decay.

Ann Farley | 02/13/15

Dentists can also administer anesthetics, if necessary. The juice from sugar cane is beneficial to dental health, whereas eating sugar cane outright will lead to tooth decay.

Elsie Smith | 02/12/15

Two great fruits to help you naturally whiten your teeth are pears and apples.

Betty Reid | 02/10/15

If you have missing teeth, then you can consider implants. To complete an implant treatment may take 4 to 6 months, and in some cases more time.

Heath Sartini | 02/09/15

Severe periodontitis is where people have pockets in their gums that are deeper than seven millimeters.

Colleen Kent | 02/08/15

The dentist places the ceramic veneers on the teeth of the patient to ensure that they are the right size and shape, and then they are bonded to the teeth using dental cements.

Gina Formella | 02/08/15

Cavities are still a major oral health problem in most countries around the world.

Heather Luke | 02/06/15

Teeth effects bands can be ordered online, are easy to use, and work in just weeks.

Charles Young | 02/05/15

There are many solutions to fix crooked teeth these days that were not available years ago. Dentures undoubtedly are a perfect alternative for somebody who has lost their natural teeth, although they might also require some effort to help keep.

Ann Dempsey | 02/05/15

Prices can vary greatly depending on the specific procedure, and doctor and patient expectations.

Allison Sherman | 02/03/15

The juice from sugar cane is beneficial to dental health, whereas eating sugar cane outright will lead to tooth decay. When you first wake up in the morning you should brush and floss pamper your teeth.

Derek Nunn | 02/01/15

Crowns can protect teeth that have fillings or previous decay.

Cristina Higgs | 02/01/15

Any time you put toxins into your body you are inviting bacteria in your mouth that can turn into bigger problems. Plastic aligners are made so that they will last about two weeks and shift your teeth a small amount during that timeframe.

Heather Cannon | 02/01/15

Your teeth are made of a hard, bone like material with nerves and blood vessels inside each of them.

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