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Carolyn Villeagas | 09/15/14

When dental work is done, the anesthetics are effective pain palliatives, but can leave your mouth numb for hours.

Heather Spurgin | 09/14/14

You don't want to have yellow teeth in your wedding photo.

Ann Hendry | 09/12/14

Your dentist can design professional, beautiful smiles in just a few visits by using cosmetic dentistry techniques. A root canal is a procedure done to save the damaged or dead pulp in the tooth.

Glenn Rossow | 09/11/14

There are new procedures in the cosmetic dental field that can help restore your smile for you.

Francine Fasanelli | 09/10/14

You can have a local anesthetic during a root canal to control the pain. Cosmetic dentists are concerned with patients who have the desire not just to have a healthy mouth, but who also want to make their teeth look and feel better.

Dana Kruser | 09/08/14

If your dentist does not prepare your mouth properly for veneers, you could have issues with them.

Jack Griffin | 09/08/14

Immediate dentures will cost more than traditional dentures that you need to wait a few weeks for. Over time, our teeth become discolored or stained from drinking coffee, tea or other colored drinks.

Charles Alleman | 09/06/14

The same tooth problem can occur if an infant is nursing from the breast for a long time, because breast milk also has sugar.

Doug Worth | 09/04/14

If you have or are planning on getting invisible braces to enhance your smile, wait until after your treatment to start whitening your teeth.

Al Bernal | 09/03/14

Plastic aligners are made so that they will last about two weeks and shift your teeth a small amount during that timeframe.

Alisa Podolski | 09/01/14

A toothache can ruin your day if it leads to a root canal.

Alan Woodliff | 09/01/14

Your cosmetic dentist can create a brand new smile for you with dental veneers.

Christopher Long | 08/30/14

Most popular teeth whitening is known as laser bleaching, which is a short process.

Debra Perry | 08/28/14

Most people have broken teeth, chipped teeth or overlapping teeth that affect their bite and their smile.

Eirleen Lamp | 08/27/14

Unhealthy or damaged nerves can be removed during a root canal.

Ben Porter | 08/26/14

Oral surgeons generally take care of advanced gum problems.

Dana Hogan | 08/25/14

Most drinking water with fluoride added helps prevent tooth decay.

Al Laurey | 08/25/14

Bleeding gums can be a sign of other health risks, such as diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

Erin Robbins | 08/24/14

Brush your teeth with your children so they see that everyone should brush. You can find the perfect braces when you visit your dentist for a measurement.

Gail Holweger | 08/24/14

After the pulp of the tooth was removed, the tooth can be very dry and brittle. If at all possible, call your dentist's office in advance and make an appointment for your visit.

Carolyn Glah | 08/23/14

You can reverse gingivitis with good oral hygiene at home. If you can afford a second pair of dentures, you might want to have immediate dentures made as backups to your conventional ones.

Greg Kramer | 08/22/14

You may need more follow up visits to the dentist to fit your immediate dentures than you would with conventional dentures. The juice from sugar cane is beneficial to dental health, whereas eating sugar cane outright will lead to tooth decay.

Dom Cortese | 08/21/14

Dental pulp is filled with blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves.

Frances Martinez | 08/21/14

Laser can be used for the detection of dental caries.

Carla Popko | 08/19/14

It should be understood that this process is far advanced, and the process may be longer than normal, but it will surely be successful. These infections can cause pain to the child and require immediate treatment.

Brad Rodgers | 08/17/14

Wipe your baby's gums and tongue off with a washcloth after feeding to prevent overexposure to sugars. To find a dentist or periodontist for a second opinion, contact your local dental society.

Clay France | 08/15/14

The process can take several hours, depending on the number of implants being performed.

Carol Rushton | 08/13/14

If you lose tissue in your gums, your teeth will become loose.

Ben Gunter | 08/13/14

This common surgery involves lifting back the gums and removing plaque.

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