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Boyd Gragg | 05/24/15

It is important to identify the problem of an abscess before it's too damaging.

Heather Trumpy | 05/23/15

Unlike the introduction of dental caps or bridges, which often has a negative effect on adjacent teeth or gums, implants have far better long term benefits. If you have several missing teeth, it could affect your speech.

Debra Schrakamp | 05/22/15

Some dentists use nitrous oxide which is also called laughing gas.

Grayson Fore | 05/20/15

A great tip when you are trying to lose weight is to brush and floss your teeth.

Bunny Paulus | 05/20/15

A professional dental office and dental team will be committed to serving their patients by also providing information that helps the patient make more informed decisions about their oral health needs and care. Your teeth will adjust gently when you wear invisible braces during the day and while you sleep.

Cary Collons | 05/18/15

Scaling means scraping the tartar above and below the gingiva.

Adrienne Ruediger | 05/17/15

While your new tooth is created, we will provide a temporary restoration. Prices can vary greatly depending on the specific procedure, and doctor and patient expectations.

Georganne Bowman | 05/17/15

Children's health depends largely on how dental care does for the child.

Carolyn Vanore | 05/15/15

Clove oil has been proven to ease toothache pain.

Cam Ferguson | 05/13/15

All the advancements in dentistry in the past several years have allowed us to make dentures more like real teeth.

Colleen Balsly | 05/11/15

Dentures undoubtedly are a perfect alternative for somebody who has lost their natural teeth, although they might also require some effort to help keep.

Debra Mueller | 05/10/15

Sugar cane juice can help build your immune system, but chewing on the actual sugar cane can cause tooth decay. Be sure to check on the price of veneers and whether your insurance will cover them.

Dave Greiner | 05/09/15

It can take between 6 to 16 months for invisible braces to complete the process of straightening your teeth.

Helen Sedwick | 05/09/15

The process can take several hours, depending on the number of implants being performed.

Charles Alleman | 05/07/15

Meat and fish, dairy products, eggs, cakes, nuts, pears and ECT can cause bad breath.

Bryon Rodriguez | 05/05/15

A dental crown is generally used if you have a cavity that has eaten away a lot of your tooth.

Heather Gazlay | 05/03/15

Flossing every day can keep your gums in good shape. Find a dentist that offers IV sedation for a pain free cosmetic dental experience.

Charles Young | 05/01/15

Imagine emerging from your next dental appointment with a beautiful smile and no memory of your treatment.

Heather Thomas | 05/01/15

Tooth extractions are a common procedure at your dentist. Some dentists include the neck, the back and potentially the entire body when describing problems with the tmj.

Cindy Overstake | 05/01/15

Other lifestyle and environmental factors may also increase the risk of oral cancer.

Dawn Inman | 04/30/15

If you are having problems with keeping your teeth looking white, you might want to consider not using mouthwash.

Amy Vanderhill | 04/29/15

Dental pulp is filled with blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves.

Allison Bamberger | 04/29/15

Baby bottle tooth decay usually starts at the back of front teeth, and often goes unnoticed by parents because they can not see it.

Donna Pederson | 04/27/15

Clean your dentures with a toothbrush every morning.

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