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Amy Caranci | 05/24/15

This reaction produces acid which damages the enamel over time and weakens the tooth.

Cindy Olendzenski | 05/22/15

You don't want to have yellow teeth in your wedding photo.

Dee Tune | 05/20/15

Be sure to check on the price of veneers and whether your insurance will cover them.

Heather Gilchrist | 05/20/15

Most of the time, TMD can be treated with physical therapy and medication.

Gary Granath | 05/20/15

Pay close attention to making sure dentures are properly fitted if you wear them. Good dental hygiene at home will make your dental appointments more pleasant.

Carolyn Hipp | 05/20/15

Invisible braces can be worn by both teens and adults.

Christopher Nixon | 05/20/15

While juicing may have other positive health benefits, you do not want it to cause cavities.

Heather Luke | 05/20/15

Make sure to have dental checkups and fix any cosmetic dental problems that make you feel uncomfortable.

Cindy Szepe | 05/19/15

You may wonder how sheer plastic can move teeth.

Caitlin Piekos | 05/18/15

A toothache can ruin your day if it leads to a root canal.

Debra Pace | 05/18/15

You can safely relieve toothache of a young child without the aid of medication by rinsing the mouth with a solution of warm water and salt.

Christopher Linsky | 05/16/15

Bad breath can be caused by teeth that are rotting.

Don Tonagel | 05/14/15

Tooth extractions are not as common as they once were.

Dan Christiansen | 05/14/15

People with cleft lips or cleft palates generally need oral surgery to fix the problem.

Donna Page | 05/12/15

The juice from sugar cane is beneficial to dental health, whereas eating sugar cane outright will lead to tooth decay.

Diane Sylling | 05/11/15

Your cosmetic dentist will not proceed with work until you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

Brian Patrick | 05/09/15

The bands can be taken off for important events, and are always taken off for meals and for cleaning the teeth.

Chris Nicholson | 05/08/15

Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Dawn Tresemer | 05/08/15

The outer part of your tooth root is called dentin.

Gail Andres | 05/06/15

Brilliant white teeth and fresh breath does not necessarily mean that you have a healthy mouth. Almost all dental procedures begin with the preparation of the tooth.

Brian Marlowe | 05/04/15

There are only two types of stains you can have on your teeth.

Christopher Jordan | 05/02/15

Most people have broken teeth, chipped teeth or overlapping teeth that affect their bite and their smile.

Cindy Silva | 05/02/15

It can take between 6 to 16 months for invisible braces to complete the process of straightening your teeth.

Christopher Pipitone | 04/30/15

The effect of tooth whitening gels will depend on how they react with your teeth.

Adrienne Behr | 04/30/15

If a tooth is the source of the infection, usually it is the result of an untreated cavity.

Dan Murray | 04/29/15

Your dentist probably uses peroxide in many of his teeth whitening products.

Anne Wright | 04/27/15

The teething or cutting teeth is the first process of growth of teeth in the gums.

Allison Bamberger | 04/26/15

If your dentist does not prepare your mouth properly for veneers, you could have issues with them.

Carolyn Szumal | 04/24/15

Cavities are still a major oral health problem in most countries around the world.

Al Laurey | 04/22/15

If you are afraid of the dentist, you are not alone.

Caroline Armitage | 04/20/15

Avoiding making an appointment with your dental professional can lead to higher dental bills that could have been avoided had the problem been diagnosed and treated early.

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