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Jack Griffin | 07/28/15

The dentist then places the composite material onto the patients' teeth in a color that best suits the patient's natural teeth. It is not uncommon for people who have not been to the dentist for years to need most or all of the teeth restored.

Diane Oostendorp | 07/26/15

Cosmetic dentistry has become popular in recent years, due to improved technology and materials in dentistry.

Carol Parmley | 07/26/15

A dental implant is a surgical opening made by your dentist and is placed in the jaw.

Amy Handley | 07/26/15

Genetic factors make some children more vulnerable to decay at an early age.

Dan Mcneill | 07/26/15

Tooth extractions are a common procedure at your dentist.

Debra Perry | 07/26/15

Oral surgery is commonly performed to prepare your mouth for dentures, when performing root canals, or while repairing jaw problems.

Ann Brown | 07/26/15

Toxins that irritate your gum should be removed quickly after eating. Take care of your teeth as you get older or you may end up with false teeth.

Amy Dipaola | 07/24/15

If you are under a lot of stress, you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep and not realize it.

Debra Mueller | 07/22/15

In recent years we have introduced an electric toothbrush, which became very popular in homes today.

Chris Nicholson | 07/20/15

Today the dental professionals will try to save a tooth by doing a root canal procedure.

Brian Patrick | 07/19/15

Make sure to have dental checkups and fix any cosmetic dental problems that make you feel uncomfortable.

Frances Harris | 07/17/15

A dental crown is generally used if you have a cavity that has eaten away a lot of your tooth.

Anna Kotzian | 07/16/15

The tooth resembles the central incisor, but is slightly greater in larger proportions. The juice from sugar cane is beneficial to dental health, whereas eating sugar cane outright will lead to tooth decay.

Carolyn Gill | 07/15/15

False teeth are not the norm these days.

Amy Barrett | 07/15/15

The effect of tooth whitening gels will depend on how they react with your teeth.

Cindy Pauley | 07/13/15

It is important to once again, begin brushing and flossing regularly.

Amy Marquitz | 07/12/15

Don't let a bad experience at the dentist stop you from getting the treatment you need.

Ann Perkins | 07/11/15

You will be closely monitored in the dental chair when you have oral sedation.

Alan Droege | 07/10/15

There are new procedures in the cosmetic dental field that can help restore your smile for you.

Frank Riccobono | 07/09/15

For your first dental appointment, it's best to allow 60 to 90 minutes. Imagine emerging from your next dental appointment with a beautiful smile and no memory of your treatment.

Brendan Kelly | 07/09/15

Milk in a bottle when a baby is going to sleep can create more cavities. The first step is to isolate and protect your teeth, gums and lips.

Ann Derderian | 07/09/15

Your smile tells people a lot about you, so be sure it's as white as can be.

Imen Rorholm | 07/07/15

Eating certain foods like corn on the cob can become painful if you have infected gums or rotting teeth. You will need to be extra careful with the whitening process if you have any type of sores in your mouth.

Cindy Strickland | 07/05/15

Other lifestyle and environmental factors may also increase the risk of oral cancer. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

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